Customer Reviews & Feedback

Beekeeping is our passion and we want to share our love of honey and beekeeping knowledge with others. Our customer reviews reflect our commitment to excellence.

"I saw them at the Hub City Farmer's Market and bought some lavender infused honey! Its delicious and the staff was very friendly!"

Christina S.


" I took the Beginner Beekeeping class this weekend at Carolina Honey Bee Company and it was great!! I learned so much and it was a lot of fun! Today my classmates and I got to see inside an active hive that had 20-30,000 bees inside. We "met" the queen of that hive and got to handle a frame full of bees and brood. What an awesome way to spend the weekend. Honey bees are in trouble in this country, largely due to the overuse of pesticides, and they need all the help they can get. Tim and Susan and everyone at Carolina Honey Bee Company, you get a big thumbs' up and 5 stars! "  

Vicki L.