Package Bees NUCS & Queens

Bees for sale, each spring we offer package bees, nuc's and queens for sale to beginners and those beekeepers wanting to increase their number of hives.  

Package bees includes a screen box, sugar water container, approx. 3 lbs. of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees, and drone bees. The package includes a newly mated queen bee and will come in a queen cage with a few attendant bees.

The nuc comes with 5 frames of fully drawn wax,  brood, pollen, honey, and bees. A young mated and marked queen. Each NUC comes in a "take home" box is included in your purchase!  We sell your choice of 6 5/8 "Medium" or 9 5/8" "Deep" frames.  

Pick-up date is subject to weather conditions

We are committed to meeting all your beekeeping needs.

By placing an order you gree to the Terms of Sale listed below below.

Terms of Sale Package Bees, NUC's and Queens



We are now reserving packages for the spring of 2019

3# Package of bees with a young mated Italian-Hygienic Queen. (Marked)

Priced at $110. (The actual weight may vary slightly)

The First Package delivery is scheduled on Saturday March 30th 2019

The Second Package delivery is scheduled from 10 until 12 noon, on Saturday the 13th April 2019

The Third Package delivery is scheduled from 10 until 12 noon, on Saturday the 27th of April 2019

The Fourth  Package delivery is scheduled from 10 until 12 noon, on Saturday May11th 2019

As always in the event of bad weather the pick up date may change slightly.

**** Please read before placing your order.

By placing your order you are agreeing the terms below:

3# Honeybee Packages 

(This is an average weight and may vary slightly)

Local Pick up Only at our Location in Travelers Rest SC

NO Shipping

Italian Hygienic Bees with young Mated Queen

** Queens are marked for your convenience at no extra cost **

All bee packages are for pickup only at our location

You must select a pickup date from the drop down menu when ordering.

No bees are shipped this is pickup only!

Once we receive payment you will receive a order confirmation with pickup details. Once your order is confirmed there is a $10 fee for any changes you make to the order.

Rarely pickup dates may change due to weather conditions beyond our control,  you will be notified of any date changes.

No refunds for no shows.** This is an AS IS Sale and at the time of delivery the bees will become your responsibility. 

**You must select a pickup date when ordering.  Once your payment is received an order confirmation will be sent with pickup details.

****No refunds for no shows.****

Note: Bees become your responsibility at time of pickup.

No guarantees are implied